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It is a port of the Mozilla web-based code editor that comes with a brown color scheme. The contrast brightness of text colors is also clear & strong which means we can easily read the text & codes. Since it has a brown background, your eyes will be away from eye strains. A beautiful Notepad++ theme that supports syntax highlighting for gmod13 libraries, MySQL, and gm navigation modules. If you have a vision problem or you face difficulty in identifying colors then the LUNAR Notepad++ theme is perfect for you. Because its color combination is just fabulous and strong.

  • The tool offers fast feedback and allowing instant execution, debugging and access to documentation.
  • Once enables, you can switch between the color mode with Windows+Ctrl+C.
  • If you are writing the same Java program save it by providing the file name press enter key or click on the Save button.
  • Similar to previous updates released for native apps, Notepad and Media Player apps are getting the Fluent Design makeover and rounded corners for windows or buttons.

With C, you’ll learn skills that can be easily applied to other, more succinct languages. Much of Python code reads like English, which helps beginners learn basic concepts like functions. This is where Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, comes in. The CSS language handles the styling of HTML — it sets features like colors, sizing, fonts, and even entire page layouts. A coding boot camp is a short-term training program that packs a comprehensive coding curriculum into a period of several months. These programs are fast-paced, immersive, and a launchpad for a development career.


This can be helpful to those who have astigmatism or eye problems caused by screen dependency. The dark mode is an integral design element in Windows 11. It has been redesigned to support light and dark as its two fundamental color modes. You can implement this effect at a system level as shown below. You can either go for a preinstalled Windows dark theme or a third-party app. Posting on the Windows Insider Blog, Dave Grochocki, Principal Program Manager Lead has announced some major changes to the Notepad text editor.

Remove all carriage returns manually – quickly delete line breaks in 1 worksheet. If you’re not using one of these newer versions , you’ll need to manually make these adjustments in the Replace dialog. Sometimes, Text content needs to replace tabs with spaces. A search pattern is then formed in the find variable.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Notepad in Windows 11

Yes, you will need the JDK for any sort of programming, modding, or compiling software. There are two boxes in the Environment Variables menu. The one labeled “System Variables” is the one on the bottom This opens a dialogue box that allows you to create a new system variable. This confirms you want to install the plugin and installs the NppExec.

Notepad++ VS Notepad

You can easily choose the folder to install Notepad from this window. The below screenshot shows the destination folders of Notepad++v8.4.7; you can easily change the destination folder by clicking the browse button from the below window. Below the screenshot, you can select the installer language of Notepad++.